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I had a smooth journey of finding and landing a job, all thanks to my recruiters, Jia Min and Amy who helped me in every step of my employment process, up until my first day at work. The staff at MCI has demonstrated their reliability, efficiency and a genuine commitment to considering the interests of others. I highly recommend anyone to contact MCI if you’re looking for career opportunities in Singapore!

Renee Foo

I am truly fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Yvonne Chia, her warm and approachable personality made the entire experience both professional and enjoyable. Yvonne is not only a highly skilled recruiter but also an exceptional individual who genuinely cares about the success and well-begin of her clients. Thank you for not just finding me a job but for making the journey a delightful one.

Young Tay

I had a pleasant job hunting experience thanks to Amy! With her timely responses and help, it was a very smooth experience! Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a recruitment consultant!


Had a joyful experience of working with Joyce. She was patient, friendly and professional recruitment consultant. She guided me through a detailed and structured CV writing up and also areas of focus for the interview.I’d recommend her service to anyone who’s looking for a job.

All the best to Joyce and MCI.

Wu Hechao

I would like to thank Jim, who helped to coordinate the other part timers within the short 1 month. He was patient and friendly with all of us, the group chat was pleasant. I am glad that there were no bad encounters with MCI, unlike my previous experiences with other recruitment agencies.

Hui Lun

I had the pleasure of working with Gigi during my recent job search, and I couldn’t be more impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Gigi is a top-notch staff who goes above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for job candidates.

Yeejia Koh

I was attended to by Journey. He explains the job detail very well and it went smoothly throughout the phone call session regarding the opportunities they provide. Highly recommended. Thank you for the advice.

Muhd Firas

I would like to thank Thomas Tong for helping me to find and secure a job. Besides that, he also helped me to find a place to stay and settle down. He is friendly, hardworking and attentive person. I highly recommend Thomas for those who are finding a job.

David Tan

I was attended by Jess. She was very helpful and reliable. Very knowledgeable and responded immediately for all my queries. MCI really has a wonderful team. They made everything super smooth for me since day 1 when I met them for the interview till date to my 6th month contracted under them.

Mohamed Ibrahim

I was attended to by Mr. William, he is very patient with all the questions that I asked, and he explained the JD of the job with me in a very detail way. He is very responsible as well, as he texted me to follow up with my decision to arrange an interview session. And I have also shared his contact with my friends who are looking for a job in Singapore too. Highly recommended!

Angela Tee

I was attended by Chanel who was professional and friendly. She put in alot of effort to do a thorough introduction of the job and also received the related enquiries in a positive way. Throughout my work assignment, she was kind and supportive of me.

Liyi Livy Lim

I had the pleasure of being attended by Sherry, She was knowledgeable and provided valuable insights into the industry. She was attentive, professional, and is genuinely interested in helping me. I recommend Sherry for their expertise and exceptional support.

Zhiyang LIM

I was attended to by Kayden. He is very friendly and helpful as he explains the jobs details and clarify any questions that i had. He responded very fast! i would give 5 stars for his excellent service. Highly recommend anyone to reach out to Kayden.

Beh Hui Ling