Foreign Manpower Division was first inaugurated in 1995 under SOGO Recruitment & Consulting Pte Ltd which was then changed to MCI Corp Pte Ltd in 2003


Following our strategic plans and expansion, we incorporated MCI Career Services Pte Ltd (MCI) in 2007 to focus on Foreign Manpower Supply and Local Positions Placements for Singaporean and Malaysian talents, leaving MCI Corp Pte Ltd to remain focused on labour supply for construction related works, project management, dormitories set up and managing services.

MCI Career Services Pte Ltd is a licensed and established Employment Agency. It has grown to our current staff capacity of over 100, spanning across Far East Finance Building (Robinson Road), Jurong (Jurong Gateway Road), JTC Summit (Jurong Town Hall Road) and Serangoon Plaza (Serangoon Road). We are the leading foreign manpower recruitment agency in Singapore, specializing in recruiting candidates from Bangladesh, India, PRC and Myanmar.

Over the years, MCI has established a strong recruitment track record. Details can be found at Ministry of Manpower EA Directory

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Our Recruitment Services

Construction Sector

  • Fresh construction worker with BCA SEC(K) such as Timber Formwork, Steel Reinforcement, Electrical Wire Installation, Plumbing & Pipe Fitting, etc.. directly from Overseas Training Centers (OTC)
  • U-turn construction workers from affiliated Agencies in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar and China
  • Overseas recruitment trip arrangement
  • Facilitate PA testing for SEC(K)
  • MYE related matters

Manufacturing and Service Sector

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  • Skilled workers with technical experience, e.g. Welder, Carpenter, CNC Machinist, Operators, Production Workers, Hand Packers, etc.
  • Workers with Vocational Cert/Diploma/Degree
  • Overseas recruitment trip arrangement

Process and Marine Sector

  • Fresh workers from Training Centre
  • Skilled workers with 3/4G Welding (SMAW), 6G Welding (SMAW/TIG), Pipe fitting.
  • Overseas recruitment trip arrangement

Recruitment services include

  • Sourcing of candidates
  • Work pass application (Work Passes/S-Pass/Employment pass)
  • Purchase of security bond
  • MOM documentation
  • Airport pick up
  • Medical check up
  • Provide safety shoe, helmet, mattress, pillow and blanket
  • Orientation / Briefing and signing of employment contract provided by Employers
  • Arrangement of Enhance Construction Safety Orientation Course (Construction) / Metal Safety / Orientation Course (Manufacturing)
  • Building Construction Authority registration and collection SEC(K) for workers (Construction)
  • Thumbprint arrangement
  • Sourcing of housing for PRC workers(if required)
  • Other manpower related consultation services